H2ZerO is an excellent still table water. Its characteristics have been studied to be the most suitable for our organism and these are mainly two:

1 It is a water low in sodium and other minerals, with a TDS of 12mg/l. H2ZerO is obtained by means of a reverse osmosis microfiltration, which has the function of eliminating impurities, such as metals, chemical compounds, microplastics, bacteria and consequently reducing the fixed residue. H2ZerO is therefore perfect in diets low in sodium and calcium and in the preparation of food for infants.

2 During the filling phase the dynamization process is carried out. Dynamization is a method brought to light by the anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner, through which, thanks to the principles of biodynamics, a water similar to the one that flows from the springs is obtained.This is caused by the vortexes created by a special instrument that reproduces in a natural way the rough path of water in streams in the mountains, revitalizing it.

The dynamized water is therefore a “living” resource, with properties hard to find in stagnant water.

The water inside the bag is vacuum-sealed and it remains bacteriologically pure until the expiry date (at least 24 months) even after its opening. This is due to the position of the tap, conveniently located in the lower part of the box. In this way the water inside the bag will always be under pressure against the valve and will never come into contact with the air, thuskeeping itself microbiologically uncontaminated until the last drop.


The H2ZerO packaging is called Bag in Box. It is definitely eco-friendly and innovative. It is a partially recycled cardboard box, 100% recyclable. It has a shape like a cube of about 23cm per side.
It is therefore a relatively small package, very handy. There is no plastic handle to carry H2ZerO, simply insert the hand in the dotted part of the upper side of the box. Inside the box there is a bag, equipped with a tap, containing 9 liters of H2ZerO water, and a pedestal where to place the box, in order to fill the glass more comfortably. Thanks to this packaging, a saving of plastic up to 70% can be achieved when compared to the classic 6-pack x 1.5L plastic bottles.
This package allows, through its use, a plastic saving of up to 70% compared to the classic bundle composed of 6 bottles of 1.5L.


This packaging allows an optimal storage at home and also in the refrigerator, having the possibility to refrigerate at the same time 9 liters of water, using much less space than the 6 x 1.5L bottles. Furthermore, the disposal of the components of the H2ZerO packaging is much more practical and considerably less voluminous than the 6 bottles.

H2ZerO is the first water in Italy to be packaged in Bag in Box.



As a result of the continuous and increasing use of plastic containers used for mineral and table water, which heavily contribute to pollute the planet, the idea of producing quality water in an innovative packaging that is environmentally friendly was born. Research has therefore begun in this direction to find the best solution to this problem and at the same time to provide the right water for the human body.

After extensive research, the innovative start-up Ecodynagreen S.R.L. SB is established. Following in-depth studies in the field of packaging and water, carried out before and after its foundation, Ecodynagreen has  developed a project called H2ZerO.  

After finding the ideal solution for water quality, Ecodynagreen proceeded to evaluate the sustainability and suitability of its packaging. Research has led to  the choice of the most suitable packaging to contain H2ZerO water: a cardboard box containing a plastic bag equipped with a tap, called “Bag in Box“. This package offers the opportunity to drastically reduce the consumption of plastic and at the same time to perfectly preserve the water.

Ecodynagreen is the first company in Italy to introduce this type of packaging in the water industry.

Furthermore, as Benefit Company, Ecodynagreen aims to donate part of its revenues to associations and organizations that deal with cleaning the seas and rivers from plastic.